I Bound Aizen

I Bound Aizen


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My name is Mikami Yuu, and I am a first-year student at the Soul Society, Shino Academy of Spiritual Art.

I have a friend who will be a little famous in the soul world in the future. His name is Aizen? Jiayishu?br />Different from this friend who has great ambitions and lofty ideals, my goal is very simple. Through hard work and diligence, I will graduate Later, he became the chairman of the thirteenth team of Goutei, and has since become a warrior class, living a life of lying down and sucking blood.

Until one day, a thing called “Cultivation Binding System” suddenly appeared.

Whenever Aizen improves his strength, my strength will be automatically synchronized to the same level as Aizen.

Then, what to do in the future is very clear.

“? Jiayi? You have to work hard. As long as you work hard enough, I can live the life I want!”


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