One Piece Gold List

One Piece Gold List

153 Chapters Ongoing Status
Last Update 2 days ago


Li Fan traveled through One Piece for ten years, signed in to become stronger, and accept disciples.

The fate of Nami, Rebecca, Robin and others were rewritten by Li Fan, who became a strong man on the sea in the name of Li Fan’s disciple.

When the time Zoro challenged Mihawk, a huge gold list that enveloped the world suddenly appeared.

Those who are recorded by the gold list can get rewards.

[Swordsmanship List] Zoro is ranked 100, Nami is ranked 50, and Li Fan is ranked first.

Mihawk: It turns out that someone’s swordsmanship is better for me! !

Sengoku: There are so many people in the world who have swordsmanship better than Mihawk!

Raleigh: The world is getting more and more interesting.

World Swordsman: It turns out that the world’s number one swordsman is not Mihawk, but Li Fan. Teacher Li Fan, please teach us swordsmanship


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