Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS

Chapter 49: A sword rampant in the last days (49)

  Chapter 49 A sword rampant in the last days (49)

Baitang rubbed his nose and said, "When did I ask you to forgive me? It's not a good habit to slander people. If you have revenge, you will have revenge. I didn't tell you not to take revenge? It's wrong for you to implicate the innocent, and they What did you do wrong and you took your life? You can be resurrected. Their life is just like mine. If you want to be fair, you have to do it yourself first. You have already done something unfair to others. It would be ridiculous to ask for fairness."

  Shi Min Zhi was stunned, and laughed twice, Bai Tang looked carefully, there seemed to be thin tears in the corners of his eyes.

   "Captain, you..."

   "Why did we meet so late? Earlier, do I still have a chance to be a magnanimous person?"

  Baitang also sighed endlessly, when someone asked her to come, Shi Minzhi was already like this, she would rather die in pain again, and drag everyone to be buried with her.

   "Shi Minzhi, you have a super buff that no one else has in a lifetime. Revenge if you have a grudge, repay a grudge if you have a grudge, and return what you owe to others, atonement and revenge."

  Shi Min's heart trembled, and he carefully asked: "I... can I still do it?"

  Baitang nodded firmly towards him: "Of course, if you are willing to come out, I am also willing to give you a hand."

  System 168 is quite pleased: [Host, you are doing the right thing, blackening the big boss can definitely influence. ]

  Baitang smiled meaningfully: "Did the little system forget to bring his brain when he went out, so ah... so stupid."

  [You... hum! ] System 168 draws circles again.

  Shi Minzhi looked extremely shaken.

  The team continued to move eastward, stopped to rest at night, and walked to the national base in a leisurely manner.

  In the dead of night, when the trees are dancing.

  Everyone is asleep except for the cowards who are on vigil, patrolling the surroundings.

   There was a slight creaking sound, and the coward immediately pricked up his ears, but he didn't find anything suspicious.

   "Shi Minzhi, how about we make a deal?"

  The voice that suddenly appeared in his ear made Shi Minzhi bend his lips, and his voice was extremely low: "Since it's a deal, why don't you show up?"

  The voice said again: "It's not that I don't want to show up, but I can't show up. I'm the zombie tree demon, locked up by that woman Baitang."

  Shi Min Zhi was not in a hurry: "Why should I believe it?"

   "You are close to this car at this time, can't you prove it? I have heard your conversation with that woman. That woman is naive, but I am not naive. I can tell you about her weakness."

  Shi Minzhi was still unhurried: "Working with you, what's the benefit for me?"

The voice sneered twice: "I'm going out, and you can pass the sword in that woman's hand. That woman doesn't know that the whole city is my eyes and ears, and I can hear their conversation clearly .Her cultivation base is only 20%, and the dark clouds in the sky will not disperse for a day, and she will not be able to recover for a day. You help me out, and I will tell you the secret of Canglan, and you can get this powerful sword."

  Shi Minzhi's smile became deeper and deeper: "Deal. Let's talk, as a partner, you must have sincerity."

  I am worried that there is nothing I can do.

  Drowsiness came and so did the pillow.

  The sword, he tried, couldn't hold it. This thing is one of Baitang's reliance, and Shi Minzhi is very willing to get it.

  What will happen to the change of master in the sea of ​​masters?

  The zombie tree spirit said: "That's natural. When the aura comes in, I can see more things than you. If it weren't for this virus..."

   "Stop, I didn't hear you say this." Shi Minzhi kindly reminded.

  He didn't want to hear this zombie tree spirit boasting that if he was so powerful, he wouldn't be forced into a flowerpot by Baitang, what a shame!

  (end of this chapter)

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