“What happened?”

The fierce battle made Chen Jianguo full of curiosity.

But later, because Su Chen and Mewtwo fought farther and farther apart.

As a result, only sound can be heard.

There was also Li Xiu’s yelling chaotically.

What Su Shen was cracked and smashed a meteorite again.

Chen Jianguo couldn’t imagine the picture with these words.

But the sound that came out of it just now was quite explosive.

The battle should be fierce!

Just now.

The battle stopped?


Su Chen lifted the Infinite Sword System.

As an inherent enchantment.

Even if there was fierce fighting and destruction inside just now.

It doesn’t matter much in the real world.

After lifting the inherent enchantment, Su Chen returned to the mountains and forests.

By this time, night had fallen.

But fortunately, it is still the seventeenth day of the lunar calendar.

So under the moonlight, the environment is not dark.

[At four o’clock, 458 meters away from you, discover the treasures of the heavens! ] 】

As soon as Su Chen lifted the inherent enchantment, he heard the prompt sound of the treasure hunting radar in his mind.

“Have you found the items of the heavens again?”

Su Chen was slightly stunned.

However, he did not hesitate and set off for his destination.

“This is…”

Until Su Chen came to his destination, that is, a piece of grass.

Fang found a golden bead all over.

The bead was the size of an adult’s fist.

And there are four stars on it.

“Dragon Ball?”

Su Chen was surprised.

This golden bead, isn’t it Dragon Ball?

And this one is exactly the four-star bead!

[Name: Four Star Pearl (Earth Dragon Ball)! ] 】

[Source: Dragon Ball World! ] 】

[Description of use: Collect seven dragon balls to make a wish to summon the dragon! ] 】

“Even Dragon Ball appeared?”

Su Chen was a little unsure.

You know, Dragon Ball is an existence that even the dead can be resurrected except for normal old and dead people!

Not to mention other wishes!

“This Dragon Ball is a very buggy existence!”

“After all, basically any wish can be granted!”

Su Chen picked up the four-star bead and immediately put it into the space ring.

Dragon Ball is too buggy.

Su Chen decided to collect it himself.

Dragon Ball is comparable to Aladdin’s magic lamp and Ma Liang’s magic pen.

Although they are all tools for making wishes.

But from the root, it is still the dragon of Dragon Ball that is powerful.

Take an example.

The dragon can resurrect a planet that suddenly dies for some special reason.

You know, this is a mass resurrection, not an individual resurrection!

It can be seen that Dragon Ball is indeed powerful!

“I didn’t expect that even such a thing as Dragon Ball came!”

After putting away the four-star beads, Su Chen left.

“Su Shen, 333 that Mewtwo got it?”

Seeing Su Chen return, Li Xiu quickly asked.

“It’s done!”

“Su Shen, are you all right?”

Reba asked with concern.

“Am I like something is wrong?”

Su Chen asked with a smile.

“It’s like… Not like it! ”

Reba saw that Su Chen’s clothes were torn, but there was no injury at all.

And the complexion is quite good.

Where does it look like there is an injury?

Li Xiu looked yearning and said, “Su Shen, you are too strong today!” ”

He recalled the battle just now.

His eyesight is now more powerful than ever.

Therefore, the scene when Su Chen was fighting, Li Xiu saw it in his eyes.

Don’t mention how scary!

Li Xiu felt that he couldn’t forget it in his life!

But he couldn’t help but longed for Su Chen’s power in his heart.

Oh, yes!

That kind of power is not to say destroy the heavens and the earth.

But no matter what, it is enough to make Li Xiu look forward to and yearn for it now!

Su Chen said with a smile: “Your Spider-Man’s mutation ability is not bad, your senses, perception, physical fitness and other directions have been improved in an all-round way, don’t underestimate this power!”

Play well, but also very strong! Moreover, you can also assist in physical cultivation to become stronger, and even, you can learn to see and smell color domineering and armed color domineering. ”

“Groove! Su Shen, can I learn to arm color domineering and see color domineering? ”

Li Xiu was pleasantly surprised.

“Yes! However, it is also very difficult! ”

Su Chen: “The essence of seeing and smelling color domineering is to see the world without eyes, and armed color domineering is to make your body defense and hardness stronger, let’s say that the current bullet is of no use to armed color domineering!” ”

“Groove! So terrifying? ”

Li Xiu was shocked.


I saw Su Chen clenching his fists with both hands, covering the high-level armed color domineering.

Suddenly, his hands were covered with a layer of black armed color domineering.


“This is armed color domineering!”

Saying that, Su Chen also collided with each other with his hands.

In the next second, there was a sound like steel clashing.

Collision sound, quite crisp.

“It’s a bit like the sound of steel clashing.”

Su Chen: “But in fact, the domineering color of the armed color is geometrically harder than the hardness of steel!” ”

Two years ago, Solon could cut steel.

But breaking through the armed color domineering was only achieved two years later.

The tricolor is domineering, but it is the strongest means of fighting today.

It is also a symbol of becoming the top powerhouse in the pirate world!

Li Xiu: “Su Shen, how can I learn these two domineering?” ”

Su Shen thought for a while: “These two domineering cultivation conditions are very harsh, such as seeing and hearing domineering, you need to blindfold…”

Su Chen drew his sword and said Luffy’s method of cultivating armed color domineering in the original work.

That is, blindfolded and constantly beaten.

And it’s still cyclical gradual, and then beaten at a very fast speed.

Eventually reach the point where no matter how the other party attacks, you will not be attacked.

At this time, seeing Wenba can be regarded as a beginner in cultivation!

Armed color domineering is about the same.

In short, these two domineering cultivations are very harsh!

“Su Shen, do you need to be so raw to cultivate these two domineering qi?”

Li Xiu was shocked, and he couldn’t help but retreat a little in his heart.


“I said honestly… Unafraid! I’m not afraid! ”

Li Xiu shook his head.

Damn it!

How can I be afraid!

“Su Shen, can I learn these two domineering?”

Li Xiu almost knelt on the spot to worship the teacher.

“Let’s talk about it later, I may make a live broadcast and teach like the Six Styles.”

: Groove! Does Su Shen want to teach domineering?

:Hiss! Looking forward to it!

: Can I learn it? It should also require physical fitness!

: A brother like Li Xiu can do it, his physical fitness has passed the test.

: How can I improve my physical fitness? Even fitness machos don’t seem to be very good!

: Physical fitness is a hurdle!

Su Chen looked at the comment.

There was no response.

For this world.

Physical fitness is indeed a hurdle.

As for the solution.

Su Chen really couldn’t help it.

He estimates that as the rules of the world evolve.

People should also gradually get stronger.

The stronger here is compared to before, such as the physical strength.

Or self-realization of something.

Even certain changes occur due to the influence of certain substances.

Just like Lin Ming, who was practicing kendo that day.

He was definitely not influenced by Su Chen.

It is the earliest beneficiary of the change in the rules of the world.

Perhaps Lin Ming is not the only beneficiary here.

It’s just not excavated.

So, in the long run, there should be more beneficiaries later!

At this time, Su Chen looked at Bai Lu: “Bai Lu, your Spirit Ball borrowed me, three days like this!” ”

Three days.

Su Chen estimated that he could get Mewtwo.

Bai Lu blinked and said with a smile: “Su Shen, you use it first!” ”

“Thank you then!”


She held the little fire dragon and was quite happy.

“By the way, Su Shen, what does this little fire dragon usually eat?”

Bai Lu suddenly thought of this question.

“Just feed us the food, of course, with your financial conditions, it is not a problem to feed it well!”

“Not a problem!”

“I will definitely feed it well! Let it be fat in vain! ”

“Right, not small!”

Bai Lu looked at the little fire dragon.

Today’s little fire dragon is mini and cute.

Bai Lu likes it very much!


At this time, the little fire dragon also cried out happily twice.

: Aaaah! Envy Bailu, there is a cute Pokémon!

: This Pokémon is so cute, and there is a small flame on the tail! I’m a big old man who is very impressed!

: Where can you get a Pokéball? (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

: Same question!

: Luck comes, everything is good to say!

: My neighbor was in debt of 600,000 yuan, and the lottery directly won 5 million, gee, once luck comes, everything is good!

: Don’t say anything, I want Pokémon, I want superpowers!

All netizens wailed.

From time to time, people look at Pikachu and then at the little fire dragon.

Redness of the eyes with envy!

Count Mewtwo.

It seems that there are only three Pokémon in the world today!

Maybe quite a few Pokémon have already appeared!

“Okay, guys, today’s live broadcast is ready to end.”

“Next up for today’s draw (CFBC)!”

As soon as Su Chen’s words came out, the live broadcast room boiled again.

: It’s coming! Two prizes this time!

: Damn, it’s too hard to choose, should I want the little devil fairy or the golden armored warrior?

: Me too, it’s too hard to choose!

: Let’s talk about it in the draw! (Dog Head)

: In other words, what exactly are these two treasures?

: Su Shen hasn’t elaborated yet, I don’t understand, wait for Su Shen to elaborate.

At this time, Su Chen took the Demon Immortal Wand from Li Xiu.

“Su Shen, what is this?”

Reba was curious.

Su Chen thought about it and said:

“This is called the Magic Immortal Stick, and it is the transformation device of the Little Demon Immortal.”

“It is a specialized shapeshifter for female demon fairies.”

“After transforming into a little demon fairy, the shapeshifter can have good magical power!”

“But you need to pay attention, this magic fairy wand is only suitable for women!”

:What? Can it only be a girl? Boys can’t?

: If a boy transforms, will he become a female fairy?

: Hehe, give it to me, I’m not afraid of becoming a woman!

: It’s the same!

: Is it like the previous Kemp Law? (Hehe)

: Su Shen, choose me! I’m not afraid to become a girl!

: Can the boys stop making do with this! It is said that it is suitable for girls!

“Brothers, pay attention! Why did I just say that this magic wand is only suitable for women? ”

Su Chen paused and continued:

“Because after transformation, the gender of the little devil fairy will not change!”

“It’s just a change of hairstyle and hair color and a special set for the little devil.”

“Those brothers who want to become girls, you can take your heart!”

“Do you think about wearing a magic fairy dress, showing leg hair, and even having a girl’s hairstyle?”

: Groove! Won’t become a girl? Just a different suit?

: Haha, laughing to death, do the boys still want the magic wand?

: Su Shen said oh, only suitable for girls!

:Boy! I have a lot of leg hair and beard! Put on a skirt and… Groove!

: Haha, brother I can already think of your image!

: I thought I had become a beautiful girl so far, but did I change my suit?

: However, my women look better than girls! Draw the prize, draw hard!

: If you can get superpowers, what about women’s clothing? (Dog Head)


“It seems that everyone is very enthusiastic about the little devil fairy!”

Su Chen was speechless.

Are they so enthusiastic about Bala La Little Demon Fairy?

You know, this is really only suitable for girls!

Boys also transform into little devils?

It’s so spicy for the eyes!

“Next, the second prize!”

“The transformation belt of the golden-armored warrior!”

“Needless to say, this prize is suitable for boys!”

“Put on the belt and add a paragraph … Cough, transform action, you can transform. ”

“After transforming, you can get the power of the golden armored warrior!”

“Also, talk about the abilities of the golden-armored warrior.”

“The golden-armored warrior can release energy rays and summon flames…”

“In addition, he has an energy sword that can be used to summon various forces such as ice storms, hurricanes, thunder, and hurricanes to fight on this sword!”

: The golden-armored warrior sounds awesome!

: Why did Su Shen cough dry when he said about the transformation action? Isn’t it pretty?

: Let it be me, I don’t care if it looks good or not!

: It’s the same!

: I feel that the gold-armored warrior is not weak according to what Su Shen said! Smoke him!

Actually, whether it is a little devil fairy or a golden-armored warrior.

Su Chen couldn’t bear to look at it directly.

Especially the transformation action is too tumultuous.

The time for the little devil fairy to transform is not short.

The Golden Armored Warriors resemble the Ultramanga Super Team.

So it’s kind of weird to look at.

Especially that transformation.

Obviously, you can transform by pressing a button, and there is still a set of actions.

However, as a transcendent power, neither is good.

Especially the gold-armored warriors.

Moreover, the appearance of these forces in reality should not be underestimated!


“Next, start the lottery!”

“The first lottery is the Magic Fairy Stick!”

“Boys, don’t join in the fun!”

“Boys wear skirts, it’s really too spicy eyes!”

Su Chen couldn’t bear to look at it directly.

The live broadcast room burst into laughter.

However, Su Chen still underestimated people’s fanaticism about superpowers.

As long as you can have superpowers.

What about wearing women’s clothing?

“In thirty seconds, start the lottery magic wand!”

As Su Chen finished speaking, the countdown began!


: It’s about to start!

: Heavenly gods and Buddhas, bless me with the draw!

: Can the boys stop having fun!

: I’m not afraid of women’s clothing! (Dog Head)

: I’m just giving my wife a lottery! (Dog Head)




The draw begins!

: Damn, I didn’t hit it again!

: I didn’t hit either!

: That’s too fast! This is gone?

: Who won the draw?

: I knew I couldn’t get it, just make it fun.

: Whoosh, missed again! I was there every time I drew a prize, and I didn’t win every time!

Netizens wailed.

“The magic stick draw is over!”

“Congratulations to my ID girlfriend for being a long-legged senior!”

: Is your girlfriend long legs?

: Divided! The suggestion is divided!

: And the gold-armored warrior belt, be sure to hit!

: Brothers wish me a lottery, when the time comes, I will live transform!

: Think beautifully! If you want to be in the middle, it is also me!

Su Chen paused and prepared to start the second round.

“Next, Golden Armor Warrior Energy Belt Draw!”

“It’s still thirty seconds!”

“Attention, this belt is suitable for boys!”

Su Chen emphasized.

“Su Shen, wait for me to help you announce your winning!”

On the side, the heat is brave.

“Okay, you can help me announce!”

Su Chen didn’t care.

“Thank you Su Shen!”

Reba smiled mischievously.

“Everyone, the lottery is ready to begin!”

Reba said.

: Reba! Aaaah! You look so good today!

: Reba, I love you! (Scream)

: Reba’s voice is so good!

: Well, a bunch of licking dogs! Reba, I love you!

“Thank you for liking it, everyone pay attention to the time!”

Time passes.





The draw begins!

The live broadcast room boiled again.

Reba stared at the screen prompt.

The winning results are out.

So, she learned dust talk.

Announced: “Congratulations to ID Dasima for winning the lottery!” ”

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