Reba ate the sweet fruit and made the list for me crazily

Reba ate the sweet fruit and made the list for me crazily


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Su Chen traveled to a world where the heavens descended and gradually became outrageous.

And bind the heavens science popularization system.

In this world, there are devil fruits, Zanpakuto, martial arts cheats…

But all of these, only Su Chen knows their origins!

So, Su Chen simply became a popular science anchor.

“Water friends, this is called frozen fruit, and the eater can freeze everything!”

“That’s right, it’s called Zanpakuto, look at mine, it flows like fire, swastika!”

“Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms? Have you ever seen a thousand-meter dragon shadow?”

PDD: I am an ancient Brachiosaurus capable person, who dares to fight me?

Dumb Bride: Who in the family knows? I turned into a Kamen Rider!

Dai Xiaomei: There will be no one who is not a transcendent, right? No way?

Looking at the superhuman beings everywhere in Daxia, Su Chen said, I’m just a popular science anchor who is a little bit stronger!


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