Swarming Sovereignty

Swarming Sovereignty

2022 Chapters Ongoing Status
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Lia was walking between classes when the targeting on a wizard's lightning bolt went awry and the bolt struck Lia, killing her on the spot. And that would have been the end of it, had her best friend not managed to somehow preserve her soul and bring her back...as an entirely new species of monster called a Swarm Queen. And, apparently, she was going to be trying to take over the world, make everyone into part of her swarm. Eventually. When she got stronger.
Well...she already died once, so what harm is there in giving things a second go, right?

(Main character receives no gender bender. The genre tag remains there because gender bending does feature in the story, but there is no "minor" tag to properly illustrate that)

Series has a strict update schedule of "when it comes out, it comes out". That can mean two chapters in one day, or over a month between chapters. Both have happened in the past. This is something I write on the side while "turning my brain off", so just keep in mind that releases will be inconsistent.

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