The King

Chapter 15: magic talent test

  Chapter 15 Magic Talent Test

  A military alliance came out quickly under Hudson's gossip. The drinking and meat friends around suddenly became "one of my own", and the atmosphere of the banquet was pushed to a climax again.

  Watching everyone celebrating wildly, Hudson, who was all smiles on his face, shook his head secretly.

   It is estimated that this is the world's most sloppy military alliance. There is no agreement on the respective rights and obligations, and the alliance is announced directly.

  How much effect it can play depends on everyone's integrity. When it comes to the battlefield, Hudson has no idea whether he can be reliable.

   Perhaps in the case of the same interests, it can barely be regarded as an alliance. If there is a conflict of interest, it will fall apart in an instant.

   Even so, Hudson still feels that this alliance is very valuable. Among other things, the problems of passive sabotage and smuggling will be solved.

  As long as Earl Pierce is not stupid, he won't get into it. After all, rules are always for the weak.

   More than 30 knights + thousands of soldiers, looking at the entire southeastern province is not a small force. If we continue to carry forward the tradition of being a unit of nobles, we can continue to recruit people to join us along the way.

  Although such a loose alliance does not have much combat effectiveness, it can be scary! Especially for the upper-level rulers, not only the power of the alliance on paper must be considered, but also the influence of the families of the nobles.

  Just as Hudson was thinking about what to do next, Knight Cheers suddenly walked over.

   "Little Hudson, you seem to have something on your mind?"

   It can be seen that he seems to be in a good mood now. They all care about the little details.

   "Uncle Cheers, I also like magic research, but because I don't have the materials, I want to exchange some magic cores or magic crystals with you."

   Hudson said along the way.

  In the continent of Aslante, magic cores and magic spar are hard currencies, which are more effective than any gold or silver coins.

   After all, the specifications of gold and silver coins issued by different countries are different. Some powerful nobles also mint their own coins, and the value of the coins is often affected by the conscience of the miners.

  When conducting international trade settlement, currency conversion is very difficult. For many large-value currency settlements, everyone likes to use magic spar or magic cores with more stable values.

  In addition to the role of magic spar and magic core in war, as well as their special effects on magicians, alchemists and other industries, it directly leads to the fact that the two are rarely circulated in the market.

  At first, Hudson thought he could buy it if he had money, but after learning the real situation, he decisively chose to give up.

  Affected by many factors, even if there is an occasional outflow, it will often be sold at a sky-high price, and the price/performance ratio is pitifully low. If you want to obtain it on a large scale, you can only rely on relationships to trade secretly.

  As far as Hudson knows, the price at which the Mages Association obtains these two strategic resources from the Kingdom is only one-third of the retail price on the market.

  Although there are quotas for nobles to exchange for, the prerequisite is to become a magician first. Under this background, even if the ordinary minor nobles have collections, the quantity will definitely not be many, and they will not trade them unless necessary.

  The Cheers knight in front of me is engaged in magic research every day, and has developed so many tasteless magic technologies. These two things must be in his hands.

  The most important thing is that Cheers Knight is short of money now, and all the magic technology has been sold, and the magic core and spar driven by it can naturally be traded.

   "Hudson, you are still young. Listen to my uncle's advice, don't learn from me to do these messy things.

  Magic research is a bottomless pit, and no amount of wealth is enough to fill it. Don't waste your time and money on this unless you have excellent magical talent. "

   Chelsea said earnestly.

   It can be heard that these words are sincere. Having personally stepped on the sinkhole of magic research, Cheers really didn't want to see Hudson follow in his footsteps.

  Hearing about "magic talent", Hudson had an idea and thought to himself: Maybe he should work hard to become a magician.

   It is also a waste of money. Knights engage in magic research, which is not doing their job properly. But it is reasonable for magicians to do these researches.

   Sadly Hudson has never been exposed to magic, let alone used it. Glancing at Chelsea, Hudson instantly had an idea.

  I don't have the magician's cultivation method, which doesn't mean that this person in front of me doesn't have it either. Just looking at the pile of magic items in the hall, you can tell that Cheers Knight definitely does not lack theoretical knowledge in this area.

   "Uncle Cheers, you should know how to test your magic talent, how about helping me test it?"

   Hudson said tentatively.

  In order to figure out how to use cheats, he also struggled. He just sold a big favor to Knight Cheers, and now is his best chance to speak.

  Maybe seeing Hudson's determination, or maybe just testing his talent, it doesn't take much effort, Cheers Knight nodded.

   "The magic talent test is very simple. You only need to put a magic spar with no obvious attributes in your hand, and then mobilize your mental power to absorb the magic power in it.

  If you have magic talent, the magic power in the spar will slowly flow into your body, and the speed of inflow determines the quality of your talent.

  Of course, this test method is not completely accurate, there may be some errors, and it is impossible to detect specific talent attributes.

  If you want to accurately test a person's magical talent, you still have to go to the Mage Association. The procedure is also very simple, as long as you pay a test fee of 100 gold coins.

  If the talent is acceptable, the test fee can be exempted if you are admitted to the Masters Association. Of course, that's only for children.

  The training of magicians should start from an early age. Once they are over fifteen years old, the Mage Association will not accept them. Unless you can teach yourself to become a magician, you can't get certified. "

   After finishing speaking, seeing that Hudson was still unmoved, Cheers sighed deeply. From Hudson, he saw the shadow of his youth, the same persistence and self-confidence.

   It's just that magic cultivation depends on talent, and 95% of them don't have the talent for magic cultivation.

  In the entire Alpha Kingdom, there are less than 500 registered magicians, including half of the magic apprentices.

   Of course, this is also related to the talent selection model. The high cost of testing directly blocks a large number of poor people from the door.

  If the national talent test is carried out, it is estimated that within ten years, the number of mages in the kingdom will be followed by a zero.

   Of course, this is impossible. Whether it is the king or the noble group, it is impossible to let the extraordinary power spread to the lower classes.

   What's more, with the number of magicians in the kingdom, even if they wanted to conduct a national talent test, they would not be too busy.

  (end of this chapter)

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