The King

Chapter 16: trade

  Chapter 16 Transactions

   Looking at the spar fragments scattered on the ground, Cheers' mouth directly turned into a big O shape. After laying the groundwork so much in the early stage, this scene turned out to be beyond his imagination.

   Hudson on the side was also very helpless. Just as he started to mobilize his mental power, the magic spar was sucked dry, and it was too late to control it.

  The only gain is that the compass in my mind has solidified a bit, but this change is too weak, if you don't observe it carefully, you will definitely ignore it.

   "Uncle Cheers, it's because the spar hasn't been well preserved, the magic power in it has already been exhausted, and the last trace of it was absorbed by me just now, right?"

   Hudson tried to quibble.

  Pockets are not rich, and a magic spar costs dozens of gold coins.

   Knight Cheers, who reacted, also nodded. Although a bit far-fetched, this is also the most reasonable explanation.

   Never heard of it, the magic talent test can **** up a spar. Under normal circumstances, this magic spar is enough for a junior magician to replenish his magic power three times.

   Can **** up a magic spar in an instant, unless the Dharma Saint is alive. Obviously, this is impossible, and the legendary Dharma saint has not appeared for thousands of years.

   What he couldn't understand was that the magic spar was fine just now, it didn't look like it was about to run out of magic power, why it disappeared all of a sudden.

   Could it be that the people from the Mage Association did the trick?

   It’s just for no reason. Why did those research madmen make such a prank?

   Recalling the origin of this magic spar, but did not find any clues, Cheers sighed helplessly.

   This kind of thing can only be considered unlucky, and there is no way to get to the bottom of it. Even if it was confirmed that it was a prank by a certain boss in the Mage Association, he could only admit it through gritted teeth.

   Broke his fortune, which made the poor Cheers Knight even worse. Glancing at the puzzled Hudson, he said helplessly:

   "I only have one non-attribute magic spar here, so I can't give you another test. But judging from the situation just now, you should have the talent for magic cultivation.

   For specific talent attributes, you should find an opportunity to go to the Mage Association to test it!

  Basic meditation methods and mantras, I also have them here. If you want, I can make a copy for you, but this is for a fee.

  The price of the Mage Association is 100 gold coins. For the sake of friendship with your father, I can give you a 20% discount. "

   I don’t know if it’s an illusion, but Hudson always feels that when the price is being negotiated, Cheers Knight is a bit guilty.

   Whether there are pits, Hudson does not know. But in order to obtain the magic spar and magic core reasonably, even if he knew it was a pit, he could only jump into it.

   "Then thank you, Uncle Cheers. But it's best if you sell me a few magic cores and crystals by the way. It would be better if they have different attributes."

   Hudson pretended to be excited and said.

  Having the opportunity to become a magician is definitely a joy for a teenager. In order to achieve his goal, Hudson decided to carry out the pretense to the end.

   Perhaps seeing Hudson's firm attitude, or perhaps to raise funds to make up for the shortfall, Cheers said slowly: "Alright then!

   But Hudson, you have to think clearly. Magic crystals and magic cores are not cheap, and I don't have any good ones here. "

   After finishing speaking, Cheers opened a box, took out his collection, and said to Hudson:

   "I won't cheat you, I will follow the market price. 50 gold coins for the first-level magic core, 150 gold coins for the second-level magic core, 20 gold coins for the low-level magic spar, 50 gold coins for the intermediate magic spar, and extra money for special attributes.

  As for higher-grade ones, I don’t have them here either, and you won’t be able to use them for the time being. After you become a magician, it's not too late to find a way to do it. "

   In the words, Cheers also showed a hint of envy. As a magic madman, lack of magic talent is his biggest pain.

   This is this kind of "pain", which is purely hypocritical in the eyes of the outside world. A good talented knight is not suitable, but he wants to smash a magician, which is completely out of his mind.

  In the eyes of many people, if Cheers hadn't jumped into the sinkhole of magic research, he would have become a silver knight by now, and the golden knight at the top would also have a chance.

   Without the slightest hesitation, Hudson directly selected twelve low-level magic spar, plus a first-level magic core.

  As for other things, the greed is the greed, but the pockets are not rich. You can only choose as cost-effective as possible.

  The magic power in a mid-level magic spar is almost twice that of a low-level magic spar, which is about the same as a first-level magic core. But the price is 250%, the main reason is that the magic power contained in it is more pure.

  For ordinary magicians, the purer the magic power in the crystal nucleus, the easier it is to extract. Whether it is making a magic circle or a magic crystal cannon, it is necessary to consider the extraction of magic power.

  Hudson is different, his golden fingers are not picky eaters, they can absorb magic power when they see it, and it doesn't matter whether the magic power is pure or not.

  If it weren't for the fact that there were only twelve low-level magic crystals here, he would have bought a few more. As for the magic core, it was purely out of curiosity.

  Different from the last time, it was absorbed in a daze, this time Hudson is ready to study it carefully.

  For him who traveled from a technological society, magic spar is very easy to understand, it is a mineral that contains energy. It is nothing more than a more mysterious application than coal, oil and other energy sources.

   But the magic core is different. This thing grows in the body of the Warcraft. It is pure and natural without any additions, and it has powerful power.

  Existence is reasonable, beyond the scope of cognition, it can only prove that one's cognition is not enough.

   "Meditation gate and basic spells cost 80 gold coins, twelve low-level magic crystals cost 240 gold coins, plus a first-order magic core costs 50 gold coins, totaling 370 gold coins.

  Hudson, you have to think about it. That's a lot of money, and I'm not going to refund the fee once the deal is done. "

   Chelsea reminded cautiously.

  As someone who has experienced it, he is very aware of the magical power of magic, lest Hudson be impulsive and embezzle the military expenses for this operation.

   Just as an outsider, it is not easy to speak out directly. After all, aristocrats want face, and to say it directly is to question Hudson's ability to pay, or his character.

   Facing the scene in front of him, Hudson could only complain secretly. After all, he is still too young. If he is a few years older, the use of this money will not attract attention.

   "Don't worry, Uncle Chelsea. I know what I'm doing, and I won't make fun of the Koslow family's thousand-year reputation."

   While speaking, Hudson had already opened the gold coin box that had been prepared, counted the amount and handed it over directly.


  (end of this chapter)

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