The King

Chapter 89: Testimonials

  Chapter 89 Testimonials

   Time flies, and Haiyue has been involved in the Internet literary circle for five years. Thank you for your company over the thousand days and nights. It is everyone's support that allows Haiyue to forge ahead on the road of pursuing her literary dream.

   It's time to hand in the papers again. Like all candidates, Haiyue also wants to get a good result.

  Thanks to Goddess Huya for her great help during the creation process, guiding me to open up my imprisoned thinking.

  Thanks to the author's friends for their chapters. Grenades are afraid of water, history has been turned into ashes, and they have a lot of money... They are all big bosses, and they feel left behind.

   There are a lot of miserly sales on the shelves, so Haiyue simply sells a wave of feelings.

  Familiar yet unfamiliar scenes, strong memory flavor, as if dreaming back to ten years ago.

   Pay tribute to the classics of the past, "Blood of the Beast", "Zhang Sanfeng's Journey into Another World"...that is our lost youth.

   I don’t know when, these familiar marks disappeared from our sight, leaving only a memory deep in our memory.

  When a hundred flowers bloom in online literature, we need to work together to save lost themes.

  The return of the king requires a good result.

  Meet tomorrow at 12:00 noon, when the time comes, please raise your fortune-making hands, vote and subscribe together.

  Youth is not old, we are still in full bloom!

  (end of this chapter)

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