The Steward Demonic Emperor

Chapter 37: Fighting a Profound Heaven Cultivator

The man struck three times and Zhuo Fan countered with a hand sign, which erected yellow light. After twenty-odd hits, the man floated in the air and sneered, “You’re really something to be able to control the 3rd-grade Coiling Dragon Array at such a young age. It’s most unfortunate you met me.”

He then rushed towards Zhuo Fan again as the latter formed a golden dome of light to stop him. Having foreseen this, the man gathered 20% more power in his palm before striking.

The dome crumbled under the devastating blow and he continued to speed towards Zhuo Fan, “Humph, the power of Profound Heaven isn’t something a Qi Condensation kid can even begin to imagine.”

Zhuo Fan smiled and muttered, “A 5th-grade array isn’t something a novice can comprehend either.”

With a snort, Zhuo Fan’s hand signs took a sudden change.

“1st Heaven!”


A golden dragon erupted from the ground and moved to attack Elder Yun.

With disdain plainly seen on his face, Elder Yun waved tens of black chains around the dragon and crushed it.

Just as the dragon dissipated, Zhuo Fan’s gesture changed again.

“2nd Heaven!”

Roar! Roar!

Two golden dragons charged this time.

Shocked, the man never saw this array forming two dragon images. This exceeded his understanding of the Coiling Dragon Array.

But it wasn’t something out of his control. Both of his arms moved and the dragons were crushed under black chains.

Even before the man could take a breather, Zhuo Fan shouted two times.

“3rd Heaven!”

Three dragons took to the skies!

“4th Heaven.” And the fourth dragon appeared.

“5th Heaven, 6th Heaven…, 9th Heaven.” A total of nine golden dragons roamed the skies as their fearsome roars echoed everywhere.

Every great clan in the city burrowed deeper into their homes, without daring to make a peep. This battle was by far the most horrifying one in their lives.

The man was gasping for breath and looked appalled at the majestic scene. Never in his wildest dream could he ever conceive that a Qi Condensation child was able to control such an imposing array.

“This isn’t the Coiling Dragon Array!” The man saw the nine golden dragons setting their vicious sights on their enemy, him.

Zhuo Fan gave a cruel grin, “This is the 5th-grade array, Nine Heavens Coiling Dragon Array. Try it, if you have the nerve.”

After a deep look at Zhuo Fan, the man cackled, “How amusing. To think a kid can control a 5th-grade array! I am more and more intrigued.”

“For the last time, will you join Hell Valley?” The man’s fervent look was akin to gazing upon a priceless treasure.

But he only received disdain, “I’ve never once considered joining a run-down place like yours!”

“Since you chose to keep that road shut, the only path left is to your death.”

The man flew like the wind, with all his killing intent focused on Zhuo Fan.

Zhuo Fan was but a teenager, but the ruthless and calculative mind coupled with his preeminent talent left the man with dread for the future.

It was best to avoid any future mishaps and kill him on the spot.

Zhuo Fan was clear of Elder Yun’s intention and with a hand sign from him, he sent the nine dragons to attack the Elder.

Nine dragon tails charged.

An ear-piercing sound came and the man had to come face to face with the awe-inspiring power of nine dragon tails, stopping him dead in his tracks.

His only choice was to unleash his black chains, hoping their power was enough.


Under the shaking sky and spinning ground, the man’s chains and the dragon tails clashed. It resulted in him being sent flying.

He flew fifty meters before landing, puking blood the first instance his body made contact with the ground.

Zhuo Fan mocked, “How did you become an elder with just this much strength? How did Hell Valley even wiggle its way among the Seven Noble Houses?”

The man was about to spout obscenities.

Who’d imagine this day would come when a Qi Condensation child would toy with him. Once word got out, he’d be the butt of the empire’s joke!

Even if he returned to the valley, the Valley Lord wouldn’t let him off with just a tongue lashing.

“Kid, even if you go down on your knees and beg, I will still kill you.”

His eyes bloodshot, a golden ring appeared on the man’s hand exuding a dreadful aura.

“Demonic treasure?”

Zhuo Fan started to get serious.

A demonic treasure was a demonic cultivator’s weapon, just as how a spiritual weapon was to a righteous cultivator. With it, the man’s power would multiply.

“Hell Valley’s elder, have you no shame? To use a demonic treasure against a Qi Condensation junior?” Zhuo Fan mocked.

But Elder Yun replied with a savage grin, “He-he-he, who will be able to tell when everyone’s dead?”

Zhuo Fan was anxious now.

He wanted to provoke Elder Yun just so he could avoid this situation. But when up against a demonic cultivator, they would stoop to any low. Then again, if it were him, he’d come to the same decision as well.

If a righteous cultivator gave up his life for honor, fought for justice and yet still died gruesomely, a demonic cultivator would only take that man for a fool.

This was why no demonic cultivator would ever wish to battle with another demonic cultivator. They were ruthless, scheming and sinister characters and the only outcome of fighting them was one victor and one loser with no in-between, particularly in the shameless one’s case.

“He-he-he, die, kid!”

The man attacked again and Zhuo Fan sent the nine dragon tails to fend him off.

But this time, the ring flashed silver light and increased the man’s speed, cutting through the tails like a silver saber.

“So fast!”

Zhuo Fan sucked a cold breath. He knew the man’s newfound power was all because of the ring.

The silver light then flashed in front of him, followed by the man’s vicious grin, “Kid, there’s nowhere left for you to run.”

Zhuo Fan clenched his teeth seeing the ring’s saw blade edge. The silver light seemed to cut even the air.

“3rd-grade demonic treasure?” Zhuo Fan smiled.

“Good eye.” The man nodded, “You’re the first Qi Condensation with the honor of dying from this 3rd-grade demonic treasure, Savage Moon.”

“Wait.” Zhuo Fan waved frantically, “If I join Hell Valley now…”

“Too late!” The man laughed as Savage Moon approached Zhuo Fan.

Zhuo Fan didn’t want to die, he just got reincarnated. But all he could do was sigh and close his eyes.


A sudden thunderclap reached his ears and Zhuo Fan could still feel that he was alive. Opening his eyes, he saw a tall old man in front with blood trickling down his arm.

The old man was facing Elder Yun, who’s Savage Moon’s blade was stained in fresh blood.

“Who are you?” Elder Yun asked.

“Blackwind Mountain’s Lei Yuntian!” As the old man shouted, lightning flashed all over him, “Any that dares to mess with the Luo clan are my enemies.”

Zhuo Fan now knew the old man was, in fact, the Mountain Lord of Blackwind Mountain. Before, he was but a bedridden patient and now was back to his health.

“You’ve recovered?” Zhuo Fan was overjoyed.

Smiling, Lei Yuntian expressed his thanks, “Thanks to Steward Zhuo’s kindness, I’ve not only recovered but also entered the Profound Heaven Stage.”

Zhuo Fan was in glee. That was exactly what he needed right now.

“Humph, what can a Qi Condensation kid and a fresh Profound Heaven geezer do? You’ll all die just the same under my Savage Moon’s blade!”

He lifted the bloody Savage Moon.

“Don’t be so sure.” Chuckling, Zhuo Fan made a sign and nine golden dragons soared, “Old man Lei, please hear me out. This time we’ll be taking this geezer’s life.”

Lei Yuntian saw the confidence in Zhuo Fan’s eyes and nodded. While their enemy seemed to have heard the biggest joke in his life.

“Ha-ha-ha, I’ve broken through your array once, kid. This Profound Heaven old man’s cultivation is still unstable, not enough to take my life!”

Smirking, Zhuo Fan muttered, “When I use someone, I never take any rules into consideration. This is our best chance, old man Lei. Attack!”


Since Zhuo Fan saved his life once, Lei Yuntian had faith in him. He knew the enemy was stronger than him but still chose to face him.

“Lightning Finger!”

Elder Yun sneered and sent black chains. Even if Lei Yuntian did not die from this attack, he’d still be sporting heavy wounds.

However, the nine golden dragons charged into battle as well.

Elder Yun had no choice but to soar up and use the silver light from his weapon to cut the dragons in two. The dragons were unable to stop his assault as he inched closer to Zhuo Fan.

“It’s best I kill you first.”

Elder Yun’s speed left Zhuo Fan without time to make a hand sign, but Lei Yuntian appeared with his Lightning Finger aimed at the Elder’s throat.

“You’re asking for it!” The man had to shift Savage Moon’s target from Zhuo Fan to the Lei Yuntian. Lei Yuntian showed a gratified smile, still willing to attack Elder Yun. For Lei Yuntian, even if Zhuo Fan had intended to send him to his death, he’d be willing.

Dying for the Luo clan’s sake was a good death to him.

Yet something happened just when Savage Moon was nearing the old man’s chest.

Thanks to the old man’s distraction, Zhuo Fan finished his hand signs and bit his tongue, spitting blood essence, “Humph, have a taste of Nine Heavens Coiling Dragon Array’s real power!”

The nine cut dragons turned into golden dots and rushed to Zhuo Fan. A glorious and ancient roar was released, followed by a huge dragon far greater than all the previous nine dragons combined.

This new dragon immediately rushed towards Elder Yun.


The man’s eyes narrowed as his heart shook, but it was already too late.

The new dragon’s speed was even greater than Savage Moon’s. He couldn’t even poise Savage Moon to defend and the dragon crashed into him, carrying him off into the sky.

“How can… a Qi Condensation brat…”

Following his final wail, the dragon held the man in its jaws and exploded…

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