Tired Of Living As An Omega

Tired Of Living As An Omega

I'm Tired Of Living As An Omega 오메가로 살아가기 피곤하다

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[Take heat suppressants] Are my eyes wrong?

“Ah, Noona. Turn off the alarm… It’s loud.”

When I opened my eyes, I suddenly became the Recessive Omega, Seong Chan-young, the villain in the BL novel that my sister was reading.

The role of Seong Chanyoung is… He was a villain who burned inferiority in the main player Seo Eun-soo and ended up with a miserable end to the balls.

At this rate, I am destined to be swept away by Gongs that love Seo Eun-soo.

I can’t die like this!’

“……I’m sorry. Seo Eun-soo, I would like to sincerely apologize for bothering you.”


First, go to the main Shou and apologize to him.

“I’m breaking up with you today.”

“All of a sudden?”

“I don’t like you anymore. Let’s break up the marriage. You didn’t like me either.”

He also broke up with Seong Chan-young’s fiance.

Seong Chan-young blocked all other Gongs’ contact information and erased them before escaping.

To where? To a quiet, watery countryside.

What do you mean by “Villain Revenge”? I decided to live by farming as much as I wanted to.

I was so happy planting lettuce, buying strawberry seedlings, and raising a Shigorzav dog but…

***시고르자브종 (Literal Meaning: Country Hybird Dog) is a plausible term for a little bit of play with linguistic purification. It’s literally a dog that does not fall within a particular breed of dog, and has at least two kinds of pedigree.

“Did you disappear to live here like this? For real?”

The Gongs came after me.

But you punks. Are you looking down on farming?


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