Become a fairy, you told me it’s a comic?

Become a fairy, you told me it’s a comic?

316 Chapters Ongoing Status
Last Update 48 days ago


Lin Chuan, who was passing through, was told by the system that the world he was in was very dangerous, gods and demons coexisted, and there were many strange things. In order to be able to get out of the mountain safely, Lin Chuan practiced painstakingly, and finally reached the immortal level of the broken void.

However, the world seems to be somewhat different from what the system describes.

“Gods and demons coexist… Are you talking about that lazy angel and silly Taya?”

“Spooky overgrown? Ah.. you’re talking about this doughnut-eating blond loli vampire?”

“*The system you fucking lied to me!”

… (please see the text for the inability of the introduction)

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