I Became the Prime Minister’s Adored Wife after Transmigrating

I Became the Prime Minister’s Adored Wife after Transmigrating


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[Complete book is free] Ji Zhao, the descendant of the royal chef, is in the book! Became the cannon fodder ex-wife of the male protagonist in the first supplementary novel that she wrote a bad review on?

Vanity is vulgar and extremely vicious! Cuckold the male lead, bully the male lead’s family, and finally end up crazy!

Ji Zhao, who opened the plug-in, said that these are all small scenes, so don’t panic!

Let’s see her use grilled fish, snails, barbecue skewers… and countless other delicacies to turn the tables against the wind and reverse the situation strongly!

Picking up pheasants, picking up duck eggs, and catching fat fish, you will be lucky!

Build a house, open a shop, buy a house, and live happily ever after!

Smiling, Ji Zhao took countless money and prepared to do nothing, but found that the future chief assistant was getting closer and closer?

“You, you… why are you getting closer and closer?”

“Silly lady, I am your husband!”

“It’s just the ex-husband!” Ji Zhao said, poking his neck.


The next day, Ji Zhao cried violently and kept begging for mercy.

“I was wrong, Master Chief Assistant!”

“Call me my husband!”

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