Rebirth Daughter Against the World

Rebirth Daughter Against the World


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The body of a thousand gold, upon waking up, became the “illegitimate child” despised by everyone in the imperial capital Leng’s Group. Since then, she has been disguised as a boy since she was a child, and it has become her routine to abuse scum and face.

The teacher said she was a scumbag, so she changed it! Classmates said she was ugly, she changed! The family said she had no product, so she bought it! The main room said she was a bitch, she beat her!

Gong Dou, face slapping is what she is best at, how can it be fun and cruel?

National school grass, business wizards! When she met him, she almost met her nemesis.

“With such a small body, go for a run and develop your eight-pack abs.”

“No!” God! She doesn’t want abs, she wants vest lines!

“You can’t tell the difference between male and female, you look like a little boy, go to the sun to replenish calcium.”

“Don’t!” She didn’t even have time to be Bai Fumei, but he tried every means to blackmail her.

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