The King

Chapter 99: Unexpected person (ask for a monthly ticket)

  With the opening of autumn plowing, the problem of insufficient labor force was directly exposed to all the new lords.

  The same problem is encountered by different lords, and the final results are naturally different.

  The local nobles relied on their connections to borrow people and animals everywhere, and basically completed the autumn plowing smoothly.

  All the northern Xinjiang nobles are miserable. Their families are thousands of miles away, and no matter how they ask for help, they will be beyond their reach. The little friends who came together were all too busy to take care of themselves, and they could only take care of themselves.

  Even if the soldiers were sent to cultivate the land, a large amount of land was forced to be abandoned.

  The price of human slaves in the market has skyrocketed, and people like Hudson who have mines at home are scared back, let alone poor lords.

  Even if you are wealthy, you can only purchase a small amount. Large-scale procurement is no longer a matter of price, but that it is simply not available on the market.

  In the past two years, no major war broke out in any country on the mainland. The slaves that are now on the market are only transferred out by occasional slave owners who are short of money and need capital turnover.

  Under normal circumstances, great nobles would not sell their slaves, which might inadvertently reveal some of their secrets.

   After suffering a loss of land abandonment, everyone naturally had to find a way to solve it. Some entrusted merchants to purchase livestock, and some targeted orc slaves.

   It doesn't matter if there are two families. When dozens of families gather together, it finally causes a quantitative change.

  Seeing the neighbors capturing ordinary slaves, they thought that there were new buyers for orc slaves. At that time, countless followers followed suit, and the slave trade on the border prospered.

  A large number of tribesmen were captured, which quickly attracted the attention of the orc tribe. Facing the vicious slave hunting team, the small tribe was powerless and could only report to the higher levels.

   Finally reported to Prince Butzweig who was on duty at the border.

   "Send someone to find out which mage is crazy, or which cult organization is going to make trouble again?"

   It’s no wonder Butzweig thinks this way. In the past, the human race’s slave hunting was all for races with good looks and low combat effectiveness.

  This time is different, like the tauren, kobold, ratmen, goblins, piggies, goblins... all have a large number of people missing.

   Except for a few races with a little fighting power, the rest are weak chickens among weak chickens.

  In terms of status, these races are like slaves in the human world, even worse than slaves.

   At least slaves can create wealth, and most of the races here are useless except to waste food.

  At least in the eyes of the proud Prince Beamon-Butzweig, the arrest of these races by the human race is collecting trash.

  Deep in his heart, Prince Butzweig secretly despised these guys for their stupidity. Compared with the money for hiring a slave team, you can buy more in the Orc Empire.

  Who made these races useless except for magic experiments and blood sacrifices to evil gods?

  In fact, these races are not good choices for magic materials. They are chosen as materials mainly because other races are not easy to mess with.

  Magicians are just a little fanatical about magic experiments, but it doesn't mean they are really crazy. An experiment that consumed hundreds of thousands of souls, if other races were used, it would have been unknown how many times they would have died.

   As for the evil gods, it's hard to say. They have all become evil gods, and no one knows what their appetite is. Maybe one of them is different, and maybe they like this one.

  But most of the evil gods are clean freaks. Compared with these garbage races, they prefer creatures with pure souls as sacrifices.

   Send troops to protect these tribes? That's purely overthinking. The orc empire often cleans up these garbage races, mainly because they multiply too fast.

  Taking piggies as an example, they can reproduce one to three times a year, and each litter can range from five or six to as many as a dozen.

   There are many births, but the survival rate is still very high. Almost 80% of them can live to adulthood.

   Meat is eaten when meat is available, and whole grains are good when there is no meat. If it is not enough, grass on the ground and leaves on trees can also be eaten to make do.

  The cubs can reach adulthood in less than two years, and then continue to join the breeding army.

  Theoretically speaking, a female piggie can give birth to a regiment for a lifetime, and with the addition of offspring and grandchildren, it is directly a legion.

  Similar to those with high reproductive ability, there are ratmen and goblins... They all live in one litter, which makes the great Behemoths despise and envy at the same time.

  If there is no limit, flooding is a matter of minutes. In order to maintain the ecological balance of the orc empire, the five royal families had to implement family planning for these races.

   If there is no restriction one day, it means that the Southern Invasion War is about to start. Every time a war breaks out, these races are the cannon fodder of the Orc Empire.

   Allocate a wooden stick, and you can go to the battlefield. Other weapons are completely wasted in their hands.

  Weapons and equipment are also important parameters for judging the combat effectiveness of the orc army. Generally speaking, the more heavily armed, the stronger the combat effectiveness.


  Mountain Territory, Hudson is taking his two elder brothers to visit his own territory.

  Knocking on the mines constantly, playing the most pleasing music; the bustling land reclamation army composes the warmest melody.

  The two of them were almost drooling. They both had seen the world, and they knew very well that Hudson was going to smash the Salam Mountains.

   Now it is just a Baronie, perhaps decades later it will evolve into a Viscounty, and the Salam Mountains have this potential.

   "Hudson, you are really generous! Open up 8,000 acres of wasteland in half a year. If you continue to develop at this rate, within five years, the area of ​​arable land in the territory will exceed that of the family's century-old business."

  Nelson couldn't help but sigh with emotion.

  I heard that my brother's territory is developing very fast, but I didn't expect it to be so fast.

  Although the pig iron production capacity has not returned to its peak period, the income brought by the mine far exceeds that of the previous lord.

   It is not impossible to continue to increase pig iron production, mainly because interests do not allow it to do so. If you want to earn the high premium brought by iron products, you must give up the pig iron business.

  The high income of the mine has supported the rapid development of the territory. The only limitation is the lack of manpower.

  If there is no such shortcoming, perhaps the land reclamation plan will not be 8,000 mu, but several 8,000 mu.

   "This speed is still a bit slow. The mainland is already a bit unbalanced, not to mention the disputes between the kingdom and the Holy See, our old neighbors, the orcs, are not the masters of peace.

  Although we are unwilling to admit it, it is indeed because of the immortal life of Emperor Bimeng that we have had these decades of peace.

  Next year will be his 300th birthday, which is rare for Bimon at this age. Unless he can break through the sanctuary before he dies, it will only be a matter of these two years.

  Whether he breaks through before he dies, or dies directly, there will be a new round of war in Northern Xinjiang.

  This is not only an opportunity for you and my brother, but also our doom.

  The strength of the family is not bad in the circle of small and medium aristocrats, but looking at the battlefield in the northern border, I am afraid that it is the fate of being cannon fodder.

  If you don’t want to be reduced to a speck of dust in the war and disappear with the wind, you can only find ways to improve your strength.

  Although they don't know the situation on the front line, those guys in northern Xinjiang are starting to prepare for the back road.

   Obviously, they have no confidence in winning this war. The Northern Expedition, which was so loudly shouted in the kingdom to recover the lost land, was probably just a slogan of a group of politicians. "

   Hudson said meaningfully.

  These words are mainly for Evola. Among the three brothers, he is the second child who has not been found yet, so it is impossible not to panic.

   Obtaining a territory is a low-probability event. If you get nothing, you can't really live with your brothers, right?

   This kind of thing is normal in other families, but not in the Koslow family. There has been no such precedent in the past 100 years.

  If the business fails, they will choose to defect to one of the nobles and continue to accumulate capital for the next generation.

   Cousin Adrian Knight is an example. If he hadn't worked for the Dalton family in the previous generation and made enough credit, he wouldn't be able to inherit the territory of a hapless relative.

  This kind of operation is suitable for peaceful times, slowly waiting for the favor of the Lord of Dawn, but it is not suitable for wartime, especially the racial war of large-scale invasion of orcs.

   When it comes to the rise and fall of the kingdom, no noble can survive alone. Even if it is a big noble, it has to spend all its money to fight.

  The glory of nobles is poured out of blood and fire, especially the nobles of the Alpha Kingdom, who have fought fiercely with orcs for many years, which has increased their sanctity.

  For small and medium-sized nobles, the benefits of this sanctity are still invisible, but if it is placed on Caesar III, he can ignore the Pope.

  The legitimacy of the throne comes from the tranquility of the ancestors guarding the frontiers of the human race. Regardless of whether the Holy See approves it or not, it is recognized by all countries in the mainland.

  To be precise, the current Holy See dare not deny the legitimacy of Caesar III's throne.

  Because in the ancient "Bible", which is said to be written by the Lord of Dawn, there is a clear definition of such achievements.

  Revision does not exist. In a world with gods, any relationship with gods is sacred and inviolable.

   "Hudson, if you have something to say, just say it! This guy has grown everything, but he has no brains."

   Nelson said helplessly.

   They were all born to the same parents, but the difference in IQ is really not ordinary.

   Also came out to make a living, the third child has opened up a foundation, but the second child must be taken by him personally.

  I thought that Evola would be a little stimulated this time, but it turned out that he was completely overthinking. For a heartless person, it is obviously impossible to think of this level.

  Even though Hudson's hints are very obvious, it's a pity that Evola just doesn't know that these words are said specifically to him.

   Seeing this scene, Hudson was also very helpless. Although my second brother was quite simple and honest in my memory, I didn't expect to be so simple and honest.

  In the aristocratic world of intrigue and deceit, there are very few such simple and honest people. Perhaps the ingenuity and wisdom have all grown up on the boss, and before he crossed over, the original owner was also doing badly.

   If you are a little shrewd, there will be no farce where the life essence is swapped.

  Leisul below is even more stupid. He has no ability at all, and he wants to break the rules of the game. He is a giant baby.

  How about the two little ones in the back? At least they didn't show it before Hudson left home.

  If you are really smart, even if you are only happy for Baron Redman, you have to show a brotherly love.

  Even if the show is not successful, it is still a bonus, because hypocrisy can make a person get along better in the aristocratic circle.

   Just a smart one, but that's normal. Most of the aristocrats were not very good when they were young, and they matured slowly after experiencing many things.

   Evora, the obvious lack of social beating. If you suffer a few more losses and be fooled a few more times, you will probably know that you will be more careful when you encounter problems.

   "Let him think about it slowly. This kind of thing can only be realized slowly. If we help him now, we are harming him."

   Hudson said helplessly.

   Some teammates are really hard to move.

  Mingming clearly told him what he should do now if he wants to obtain the fiefdom. It's a pity for Evora, really ran to worry about the orc invasion.

  Although it is a good thing to have a sense of responsibility, it is the most correct choice to do what you do with your identity.

  The orc invasion is obviously something that big shots should care about. As a small person following the times, it is king to find ways to improve one's own strength.

   "That's enough for the two of you! You are so weird, it makes me look like an idiot. Isn't it that the orcs are about to invade, so prepare in advance.

   How big of a deal is this?

   You lords and heirs of lords will definitely go to the battlefield by then. As an idle knight, whether I want to join the battle or not depends on my mood.

  If you think I'm in the way, if you don't want to take me with you, just tell me, and I won't cause trouble for you.

   It’s a big deal to go abroad for a stroll, and come back after the war is over. As for worrying you so much? "

  A very powerful explanation, Hudson was speechless. Suddenly he found that Evora was not useless, at least he knew the danger was coming and avoided it first.

   As long as people are alive, there is hope. The competition in the Alpha Kingdom is so fierce, the biggest problem is that there are too many noble children.

  If after a big war, the nobles in the country die in sevens and eights, the opportunity will come out.

   Maybe you don’t need to go to the battlefield to take over the title from a hapless relative.

  Take the Koslow family's huge relative network as an example, every time there is a war, some people will definitely lose their homes. Calculated from the probability, it seems that the absolute possibility of inheriting is greater than the probability of winning a territory from the battlefield.

   "No, Evora, I have to apologize to you!

  It turns out that you are not really stupid, you just don't like to use your brain.

  Actually, this plan is not bad either. It’s better to prepare one more backhand than to be taken over by others. "

   Hudson said cautiously.

  Deep in his heart, he really supported Evola to go out and hide. After all, it was really dangerous on the northern border battlefield.

  Each war broke out, and the nobles of the Alpha Kingdom did not reduce their staff by one-third, and they did not wait for it to end. Especially in the last war, the number of nobles in the country dropped by 70%.

  Nelson doesn’t need to be persuaded. A master with great ambitions will not give up easily before experiencing setbacks.

   This is almost a common problem of all "talented people". Including Hudson himself is no exception, and now he also wants to make a career.


  Arbor County, since reading the letter in his hand, Viscount Oran's face suddenly became serious.

   "Is the news accurate? The missing skeleton lord has really appeared again?"

   It's not that he hasn't seen the market, but he has personally experienced the lethality of Skull and Bones, so he can't help but worry.

  The last wave of the Skull and Bones rebellion directly destroyed two counties. Although Earl Pierce let it go, it was more due to the strength of the Skull and Bones.

   Now I suddenly heard that the culprit who caused the Skull and Bones rebellion suddenly appeared in my sphere of influence, so I can't help being nervous.

   "Viscount, this information was bought by Florian Knight with his life. The fifty-seven soldiers accompanying him also fell to the enemy.

  If Baron Pedro, Cavaliers Torrance, and Cavaliers Rudnev, who had returned from the trade in the Mountain Territory, happened to pass by with a large group of troops, I am afraid they would not have even received this news.

  It was also confirmed from their mouths that the person who shot was wearing a mask and was very powerful, very similar to the legendary Skeleton Lord.

  It's a pity that the enemy is too cunning, and they leave immediately when they see a large group of people, without any hesitation. "

  The middle-aged knight hurriedly explained.

   Able to kill fifty-seven soldiers plus a knight, such a master can't be found in the entire southeastern province.

  In addition to the noble camp, there are only a few high-level cult organizations left, and the Skeleton Lord is undoubtedly one of them.

   Whether it is a vendetta or a cult organization is not important now. As long as the suspicion points to the Skeleton Lord, it must be treated with caution.

   "Immediately send someone to report the information we have to the Governor's Office, and tell the Governor that the skeletons will make a comeback.

   Order the nobles in the county to strengthen their vigilance to prevent the Skull and Bones from causing chaos. Especially for those knight leaders who are not strong enough, it is best to gather together with several neighbors, so as not to give the enemy an opportunity to take advantage of it. "

   Viscount Oran ordered decisively.

   Regardless of whether it is true or false, he must treat it as true.

   Originally, I thought about organizing a patrol to arrest the Skeleton Lord, but I gave up after thinking about it.

  The leader of the cult is not easy to mess with, it is best to be able to drive people out. Even if you can't drive them away, wait until the Governor's Mansion sends someone over.

   If you act rashly, you will be in a hurry, and if you don't do it, you will drag him down.

   There are too many such negative cases, and the cautious Viscount Oran does not want to take risks.

   After a pause, he ordered again: "Now that the autumn plowing is over, let me organize the young and strong serfs to practice.

  Send someone to place an order with the Mountain Baron, I want to purchase 2,000 spears, 500 broadswords, 200 warhammers, 200 battleaxes..."

  Originally, Viscount Oran didn't like the pile of junk produced by Hudson, but he was stimulated by the Skeleton Lord, and suddenly found that his military strength was insufficient.

  The serf soldiers who have just put down their hoes are not very effective in combat, but after being armed and trained a little, they can still be used to guard the castle.

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