Chains Of Heaven

Chains Of Heaven

54 Chapters Ongoing Status
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Chains Of Heaven,

Being reborn with hardly any memories of his previous life a boy suffered his entire early years on the hands of those who should be his family. After being thrown away he decides not to take revenge, instead he decides that he will do all he can to help others who are suffering, to face the greatest challenge the world has to offer.

Change the world to a better place, stop the wheel of suffering that the world is on. For that he will face many enemies, create allies, and much more.

- Harem;
- Characters from other anime-verses;
- MC with some gifts and items from other franchises;
- Accepting suggestions for inheritances and other ideas as long as they are related to:
A) Most animes;
B) Coiling Dragon;
C) Desolate Era;
D) Martial World;
E) Soul Land and associated worlds;
F) Martial God Asura;
G) Perfect World;
H) Heaven's Path Library;
I) God of Slaughter;
J) Spirit Realm;
K) Otherworldly Evil Monarch
L) Long Live Summons;
M) Ancient Strengthening Technique;
N) World Defying Dan God;
O) Shura Wrath;
P) Emperor's Domination;

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