Ghost Destroyer: Begins with a slashing knife

Ghost Destroyer: Begins with a slashing knife

205 Chapters Ongoing Status
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Bai Xuan holds the slashing knife Senbon Sakura and smashes the boulder with one sword, thus obtaining the final selection qualification for the ghost hunter.

Vine raids the mountains.

Between the cherry blossoms, all the ghosts in the mountains were cut down by him!

None of them are spared!

Two months later.

Bai Xuan killed nearly half of the lower chord of the Twelve Ghost Moon!

Sweep away hundreds of ordinary ghosts at the same time!

Thus officially promoted to the Nine Pillars of the Ghost Killing Team!

Ancestor of the Ghost: Ghost Mai Tsuji was secretly shocked and angry when he heard the news, so he summoned the winding ghost and issued a hunting order!

“At all costs, get rid of the ghost hunter with the silver blade… Black Death Mou you also go! ”

“As you wish, there is no misery!”

One of the upper windings of the Twelve Ghost Moons, Black Death Mou, opened his six pupils, and the Silver Blade Ghost Hunter… I hope his strength does not disappoint him!

Feilu Novel Network A-grade signed novel: “Ghost Annihilation: A Chopper at the Beginning”; This novel and its characters are purely fictional, and if they are similar, they are purely coincidental and should not be imitated.


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