Naruto Uncle, I Am Really Invincible

Naruto Uncle, I Am Really Invincible


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Come to Naruto World and become the uncle of Naruto in the future, the cousin of Kushina, and the young patriarch of the whirlpool clan that is about to annihilate the clan.

Vortex Qiyun thought he could enjoy his life as a rich second generation, but he did not expect that the country of Vortex was about to be exterminated. Fortunately, at this time, the sign-in system was activated, and the sign-in would be rewarded!

Sign in the Vortex Clan, and reward [Admiral Kizaru Template].

Sign in to the secret room of the vortex family, reward [Death God Zengmu Jianba Template]

Sign in on Naruto Rock and reward [Immortal Body].

Sign in in the Valley of the End, and reward [Reincarnation Eye].


Years later, Uzumaki Qiyun stood at the top of the ninja world: With me, the Uzumaki family is the first family in the ninja world!

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